vendredi 25 mars 2016

Ladies Night at Globus Lausanne #BeautyDays

 During the month, we went to the Globus Ladies Night event in Lausanne which took place during the #BeautyDays. There were lots of different corners to discover beauty-related stuff (eye focus, face massages and so on...) and there were many great drinks and food (you should have seen the sushi table, man)... We absolutely loved all they advices we got from Manon, the awesome girl at Dior who did our eyebrows on fleek, of course ! She told us Dior does really great deals like : 90 chf spent on make-up you get an hour long make up lesson from a professional ! They do the same kind of deals with skincare and face massage for free so don't hesitate to ask their counter for more info on those amazing deals !

The event was really great, we had so much fun in the photobooth, and all night long trying to capture the candy balloons, but we surely weren't the only ones doing that ;) Obviously, we fell in love in the shoes department because we are weak. We got our eyebrows threaded and it was the best experience ever, so we totally advice you to come to Globus for a quick eyebrow fix !

Check out Globus for more niche brands you don't find on the market, and for Ladurée in the center of Lausanne of course ! :D

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