mardi 19 avril 2016

Crème de la crème

I can finally show you the Asos slippers I introduced in our March favourites video (but filming white on white is always a nightmare) : absolutely fell in love for this design by the Asos brand, I'm always a sucker for comfortable flatform slippers and I feel like they are another take on the white sneakers trend. What sold me with this pair was of course the giant awkard bow which maked me think of Japanese knotting ! Leggings are from Uniqlo, the white tshirt sports a handmade DIY Crème de la crème print (originally produced a few years ago by Zoe Karssen, but really, price was too much !), along with my fluffy burgundy jacket from Primark. The camel bag is by Topshop and I found it on and lastly, my hat is from Primark (great quality and price, it's a must-have !)

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