mercredi 15 juin 2016

What to pack in your carry-on

  • Get a few changing clothes (swimsuit, underwear, tshirt and sweater), especially if you're traveling an international flight with a layover (or more) ! You never know what could happen, your luggage could get lost or delayed, so always think about packing your must-have stuff (also a hat or scarf to protect you from the sun if you're going somewhere hot).
  • Bring your miniature skincare for the ride otherwise, let's be honest you'll never use them ;) Think moisturizing formulas as skin needs to be extra nourished during a flight. Focus on your face (eyes, nose, lips) and your hands and feet (also if you massage the cream into your skin, it will help reactivate the blood circulation!)
  • Try to travel with your make-up inside your carry-on so you'll have less chances to get them smashed. Avoid loose powder or liquid products as they can "explode" when opened after the airplane trip. Choose a practical palette or arrange all your staples into a magnetic palette case.
  • Take all your important and expensive stuff with you on the plane. Get a special place for your money, passport and flight tickets and reservations.
  • Avoid heavy books and city guide (even if they're the real deal, we agree...) or dictionary by relying on your smartphone. Download your journey so you can use the maps without wifi and get a good translator. If your luggage's really tight, download a few books or audibles for your entertainment.
  • To keep things neat and easy to find, we think it's perfect to make good use of our many pouches. Journey stuff (ID, passport, tickets, reservations, money), beauty, skincare, necessities (toothbrush, glasses, medication, hand sanitizer), entertainment (iPad, book, pen, notebookcard game), tech (camera, chargers, adaptators) and so on... You'll very soon remember exactly what's inside every pouch and you'll get your hands on your stuff in no time !
  • Always bring a scarf because the air in airplanes is the worst, it will also protect you if another passenger is ill... and it makes for a very nice additional pillow ;-)

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