samedi 27 août 2016

Watermelon Dreams

Yeah, I'm having watermelon dreams with my awesome backpack from Tiger. I love its soft material, a bit washed out and it looks like it has its own history. Loving the price too because 10£ is a pretty good deal in my opinion. I'm wearing it with my super soft striped dress from Newlook (I really like that it's semi-turtleneck, in a summer-turtleneck-kind-of-way). I'm also wearing my light denim jacket from Stradivarius (yes, I have a thing for soft-as-heaven fabrics). I'm pairing this with my favorite basic heels from LH by La Halle, they are so light, it's so easy to walk and spend the whole day wearing them :) And as a finishing touch, I just couldn't resist bringing out my denim hair tie/bow that I got in Tokyo a few years ago... Kawaii Baby !

1 commentaire:

Furiously Chic a dit…

Awww! I love this look!
The watermelon bag is absolutely gorgeous!