lundi 12 septembre 2016

Beauty Talk #9

Here we are, better late than never, with our August favorites. As you may have noticed from previous months, we're changing things up a bit because we don't always have a new app or cool new tv show to talk about, but we try our best to stick to the vibe of each category. If you want to know more of our monthly favorites, write down your suggestions in a comment !
We are obsessed with the organis keratin leave-in conditioner by Gourmet Body Treats. It's made of so many natural ingredients, we don't mind spraying our hair with it (it's actually feeding them with nutrients instead of drying your scalp with chemicals). We've also really been loving Zao, a very cool brand with eco-friendly products... The compact blusher in shade #325 is a pure treat and 100% of its ingredients are natural ! All of these products come from Jessie's Box (watch our unboxing video here) and stay tuned for the next one ;-)
 We love playing around with Sephora single eyeshadows : affordable, lots of different colors and textures offered and an amazing stay-on power. We've also totally added this Sephora white tea bubble mask to our weekly routine because it only takes three minutes to get a very clean, detoxified skin. And of course, we couldn't stay far from our Lip Lava by I ♥︎ Make Up !
Been loving these My Makeup Brush Set 10-pieces oval brushes. Seriously, you don't need the Artis brushes (even less need the complete set knowing they cost a kidney each), just choose brushes with soft bristles and get yourself the whole package for a fraction of the price ! To our surprise, we discovered all the brushes really are useful and amazing to work with. Our only complaint (but we'll make it work) : since the bigger face brushes are heavier, sometimes it almost feels as you're about to break the brush while working on your face (maybe the Artis brushes are way more sturdy on that point ?). We'd like to know if you tried some kind of oval brushes and what you thought of them !

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