lundi 3 octobre 2016

4 things to do during your commute

If you hate wasting your time and suffer through your commute to work, read our tips that will help you make the most of it !

1. In Switzerland we're lucky to have pretty much one of the best train system in the world, so if you take the train daily, we would advice to use your time wisely : listen to new music, podcasts, audiobooks, or read a real book ! Study, make a to-do list, meditate, play with your favorite apps, knit if that's what you like :) Use your hands all you can because remember you're lucky not to be behind the wheel. If you're still driving every day to work, choose a route that inspires you (crossing bridges, seeing mountains, cool terminal) and alternate it so you won't fall into a boring routine. In the morning, blast your favorite songs and sing along as it's the best preparation for a good day and a good mood.
2. By foot ? Walk through parks, or any path with nature and green around. Choose the small and old streets, smell the fresh air, look up and get a fresh perspective for the day ahead. If you're just a bit too far from work to walk there, jump on a bike and it's your exercise done for today ;-)
3. In the train, on the bus and in the streets, listen to conversations, be amazed by the little things, be in the moment... and if you need it, sleep ! That's what we call a commute well spent.
4. Practice mindfulness if you can (and yes, you can, because it's as simple as just being aware of your body and mind, and what goes around you. Just let it flow). Best way to start the day.

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