lundi 7 novembre 2016

Books - All The Bright Places

This week's book recommendation is All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, a really good YA novel that will also speak to younger and more mature readers. Finch and Violet are characters that make a book alive and they are so strong, everybody could learn something from them. It's a love story about grief, falling in love, learning to live... If you've read this book, share in the comments about what you thought, we'd like to hear :)

“Where are you? And why did you go? I guess I'll never know this. Was it because I made you mad? Because I tried to help? Because I didn't answer when you threw rocks at my window? What if I had answered? What would you have said to me? Would I have been able to talk you into staying or talk you out of doing what you did? Or would that have happened anyway? Do you know my life is forever changed now? I used to think that was true because you came into it and, in doing that, forced me out of my room and into the world. Even when we weren't wandering, even from the floor of your closet, you showed the world to me. I didn't know that my life forever changing would be because you loved me and then left, in such a final way. So I guess there was no Great Manifesto after all, even though you made me believe there was. I guess there was only a school project. I'll never forgive you for leaving me. I just wish you could forgive me. You saved my life. And, finally, I simply write: Why couldn't I save yours?”

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