jeudi 8 décembre 2016

CHRISTMAS : 5 best movies

A classic, of course, The Grinch is awesomely played by Jim Carrey and has amazing songs ! It has lots of very funny and sarcastic moments, it's a must-see to watch every year :)

A very very old one (and afternoon-TV kind of movie), To Grandmother's House We Go with the Olsen twins is definitely highly rated in our top Christmas movies. We wanted to copy everything from this movie (from the door-name-tags to the toothpaste - yes, true story !) and we just love the crazy adventures Sarah and July get themselves into !
Love Actually is your perfect Christmas rom-com with some really cool and intertwined stories and characters. And obviously, you can only love a movie starring Emma Thompson so we highly recommend it ;)
Another really really great movie is of course Miracle On 34th Street, a wonderful Christmas tale. We were obsessed with it as kids and we still are ! We absolutely adore Mara Wilson and the Christmas' magic of this movie.
The third segment of the Look Who's Talking serie, this time from the family dogs' point of view, just so so funny and light to watch. How can you not love all the crazy mess this family gets into on the run to Christmas ? It's a bit more out-of-the-Christmas-box but it's sooo good :)

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Rêveuse du bout du monde a dit…

J'adore Miracle sur La 34e rue 🎄🎁🎅🏻😊❤️😘😘