mardi 7 mars 2017

Hey it's ok...

... if you don't have a party trick. You showed up - that's enough.
... to write something on your to-do list, just to tick it off as done.
... if having more than five internet tabs open means your brain starts to malfunction. Breathe and close.
... to be more invested into your flat's decoration than its cleanness.
... to wonder is your colleague who doesn't drink coffee has secret superhuman powers, because just how ?
... to check your phone every time you hear a message alert on the train, even though you know yours is on silent.
... if you have to call yourself to find your phone in your bag.
... to actually say hashtag in a conversation.
... if you wish your friends a happy birthday on just one form of social media.
... to own 50 shades of grey cashmere sweaters.

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