mercredi 3 mai 2017

Bullet Journal - Flip Through & Tutorial

I've been eyeing the Bullet Journal mania on Pinterest and Youtube for a few years now, and decided to share some of the tips I collected along the way...

The Bullet Journal is a system which allows you to work with bullet points, and transform them as you go along on your daily/weekly/monthly to-do list(s) ! It's really cool to see your bullet points get a makeover once they're done, or see them easily migrated to another day.

How to start a bullet journal 
  • Consume lots of content about the bullet journal system, write down layouts you love, what seems practical to you and to your life, your habits... do your research ;)
  • Of course, check out the bullet journal website for ideas and anything about the theory aspect of the bullets. If some of you (like me) don't totally work with the official Bullet Journal system, just create a way that works for you !
  • Choose a notebook that will work for you : if you love to write big, don't limit yourself to a pocket Moleskine. If you want a lined notebook, it's up to you ! People usually advice on the Leuchtturm notebook with the dotted pages (they also made a special edition in collaboration with Bullet Journal !). A dotted notebook is really great if you wanna work on your bullet journal on the go and can't be bothered to bring a ruler with you... the dots allow you to easily create freehand layouts
  • Try out a few pens and pencils to see which ones don't ghost on the other side
  • Gather your materials because it will be handy to have everything on hands during the process
  • At first it can be quite overwhelming to jump into this world and start your own, but take your time and the pencil will be your best friend ! 
How I started my bullet journal
  • I numbered my pages and divided approximately an equal number of pages for each month of the year, with a few extras for a title and other "intro" pages. Whenever possible, I put a post-it note with my ideas for the page
  • I started with the intro pages which are pretty easy to create : title page, index page (I advice on keeping 3 pages for this), a yearly log with the days of the months and a space for important dates, a lunar calendar and my 2017 resolution
  • Then I started to create my monthly layout which is the one that demands the most work (but also the most satisfying!). I decided I wanted a glitter washi tape border on the left (so whenever I flip through my bullet journal I can get to the monthly spreads in an instant), so I created a 3x3cm grid with one week by line and days by column... pretty easy, worked with my notebook size and the quantity of information I wanted to be able to write down each day.
  • I was left with quite a big space on the right, so I made 3 boxes : Goals (referring to my 2017 resolutions page), Misc (depending on what's going on each month, this space gives me a space to work with), and a To-Do List (what would I be without a to-do list ?)
  • On the bottom, I also had some space so I created 4 small boxes : Music, Books, TV/Movie (the idea is to keep track of art and entertainment that I'm consuming each month so I can come back and remember) and the fourth box is a space for an inspirational quote on Gratitude
  • Going to a new set of pages, I always keep one for a Weekly Log (lots of people also make some Daily Logs but I thought I didn't want them in my bullet journal since I wasn't really using the bullet system)
  • I also keep space for inspiration, lists, pictures because it's a big part of the pleasure to feel inspired day after day
  • And also a really big favorite of mine is the Habit Tracker, a grid that you create with each day of the month and all the chores/habits you wanna achieve each day (take your vitamins, go to the gym, eat clean, meditate, read, do the dishes, etc). I found it's a really clever way to cross-off your habits every day without having to think to put it daily on your to-do list or Daily Log. On mine, I also added things like mope floors or change bedsheets so I can keep track of when the moment is due for a cleaning day ;)
I want to end on this : don't be afraid of the big world of Bullet Journaling, it can be really helpful in a way to stay organized and on top of things and stuff to do. Don't be afraid to make your own path, your own choices, your own layouts... it's really the beauty of it from a creative point of view and you can freaking make it fits your personal needs. And also, don't be afraid of making mistakes (I did so many and still look at my bullet journal with proud loving eyes), and don't be afraid to be you ♥︎

Have you ever tried to make your own bullet journal ? Let us know in the comments, we would really love to share a conversation about this cool creative outlet :) And don't forget to share with us your favorite Bullet Journal-ers !

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