lundi 26 juin 2017

Chef's Table - Massimo Botura - S01E01

Chef's Table is a must-watch documentary serie by and on Netflix. Each episode focuses on one chef and his/her restaurant. It depicts the path, the inspiration, the message and of course the masterpieces of each chef with a powerful photography.

The first episode is about Massimo Botura, a born-and-raised Italian foodie from Modena. He fell in love with food as kid, watching his mother cook for the family. Botura worked with notorious chefs before opening his 3 stars Michelin (gained in 2012) restaurant in Modena : Osteria Francescana. The place won dozens of culinary awards and is visited from all around the world.

Botura gained recognition for creating the Risotto Cacio e Pepe, "a recipe as a social gesture" as the chef says. His motivation is to revisit traditional dishes with an innovative eye.

turn bad stuff into goodness
Botura also speaks about the difficulties he encountered trying to be appreciated for his imaginative creations when Italians had a hard time separating from tradition.
In the end, his tenacity and visionary dishes, made with love and dreams and taste, finally touched the heart and soul of people, just like you will be touched by Botura's authenticity and passion.

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