samedi 22 juillet 2017

Chef's Table - Niki Nakayama S01E04

We loved Netflix's Chef's Table fourth episode about Niki Nakayama, an American chef based in LA who grew up with deep Japanese roots due to both of her parents. This is one of our favorite segment of Chef's Table because it talks about finding and standing up for yourself, facing the challenges of being a woman in a men's industry and giving just about everything for the customers.

ne propose jamais 2x la mm chose a un invité
position de la femme ds lîndustrie mais ne veut pas s'y tenir
Nakayama opened a sushi restaurant in LA when she came back from Japan where she learned every cooking techniques, under the pressure of her family who thought it would be the only way for her to make money. This venture lacked creativity for Nakayama because she wanted to prove she could be excellent. She then moved on to Takao where she was thaught how to give the customers an unforgettable experience. Finding the courage to take the leap, she opened N/Naka, her restaurant where she experience with Kaiseiki japanese cuisine.
In her restaurant, she keeps track of everything any customer ever had so she never offer them the same thing twice and we really loved the idea of caring this much about the customers' experience.

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