dimanche 16 juillet 2017

Fugly Fashion

 It's been a while but there's a fugly fashion trend and it looks like it's about to last...
You know we're not against it at all, we think it's pretty cool to celebrate our uniqueness and sense of style just as we want, but we guess, like everybody else, there are some specific trends that we really don't understand.

Fugly seemed to emerge at the same time designers started to finally accept models who don't have a pretty doll-face, but choose to be bold and get "alien-like" girls. We think that's cool, there's a place for everyone, allowing what we're seeing today : more and more unique models of all kinds and the world is looking for more diversity.

Fugly's been part of the fashion scene since the 2010's, when vintage and retro piece really started to be mainstream : "hood" sportswear, Adidas shower sandals, bucket hats, tragic tshirts with macramé pets, wallpaper patterns... The thing is, they were worn in the late 90s-early 00's (or even before for wallpaper patterns), but people who dared wearing these things when they stopped being cool were kinda seen as has-beens, trashy losers.

Today, it feels like not only the high street, but also the luxurious designers are making big bucks channeling fugly fashion in their collections. We say yes to Lizzie McGuire-like platform sandals. We say yes to nightwear as daywear. We say maybe to the ugliest transparent jeans in the world (thanks to Safiya Nygaard's Youtube channel for trying them all out for a full week). We say no to wallpaper patterns, no headache please ! We say yes to pastel lacey rompers for men. We say yes to orthopedic-looking sandals. We say yes to men wearing dresses and gender-fluid wardrobe.

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