mercredi 19 juillet 2017

How to pack light

It's summer and maybe you have a holiday planned soon ? Here are our advices to travel light, save space and have a stress-free packing experience :

  • Limit your clothing items number by choosing three tops for every bottom. For shoes, you'll need some sneakers, as casual pair and a more dressed-up one.
  • In case the company loses your luggage, make sure you labelled it before flying (with home address, cellphone number and email) and keep an emergency kit in your carry-on (underwear, a dress, a bottom, two tops and a sweater).
  • In the airplane cabin, don't forget your scarf to layer up. Also make sure to have your medication in case there's a problem with your luggage.
  • Get a small electronic luggage weight scale, a universal adapter and noise-canceling headphones.
  • In your luggage, roll your knits (tees, light sweaters...) and fold the more structured pieces (blazers, trousers...)
  • Use packing cubes (or fabric boxes) to keep your clothes sorted, either by genre (underwear/tops/bottoms) or by outfits. Squeeze out all the air to get more space.
  • Be strategic : store heavy items or footwear at the wheelbase, then put your packing cubes, rolled pieces, folded items and bigger sweaters or jackets. At the end, put the fragile items such as big dresses and hats.
  • This is super-practical, especially for short trips where you only take a carry-on and you depend on the small space to still transport toiletries such as shampoos, shower gel, foundation. Use a contact lenses container or small plastic boxes to store the amounts you need for your stay.

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